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My name is JAY and I'm a producer, singer and songwriter from the Netherlands. Music is my biggest passion. I can describe my style as Pop with influences from R&B, Hiphop, Trap, Dance. I love all styles of music and like to try new things, to grow and learn.

I love to work with other artists, producers and musicians, to collaborate and working together! If you are interested in working with me, send me a email or send a DM via Instagram: @jay.woods.official. 


The first single of my EP is out now!!! 


It’s about not knowing what’s coming next, not knowing what you want, what you think. just being “Lost”.

i was playing my piano one day and was singing randomly. The lyrics “What can i say, i have to be honest” came up to me, and the rest of the song was made within 30 minutes. it's hard to explain your feelings, you are scared to get hurt.

i recorded it in my home studio and created all the melodies.