the artist, producer & singer-songwriter

JAY is born in Zoetermeer, a city in Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands.

JAY started to sing when he was very young. When he was 5 years old he played in musicals by Greg & Baud (Ciske de Rat, where he played Dorus, Little Shop Of Horrors, Sway, ect.)

He stopped there 9 years later, when he was 14 years old. 

He also danced at a young age by CKC (hiphop, modern, ballet, streetdance, jazz)

When he is performing he uses a mix of singing & dancing, that's something he loves to do!

JAY did a producers education by Master The Mix in Hilversum where he learned everything he knows about producing, mixing & mastering. 

He still takes singing lessons by Zangstudio The Voice with Marian Pijnaker as his singing coach. Performing is something he loves to do, he performed on benefit concerts, festivals, parties, he also did the backing vocals of ABBA Mania when they had a performance in the Netherlands. 

After he did some experiences in the music industry & learned a lot, he started to make his own songs to inspire other people and heal people just like he experienced & felt what it was like to be inspired & healed listing to other artists, just knowing that you're not alone with some feelings you might have.

He already released a few on SpotifyApple MusicDeezer and all the other streaming services !

Lost, Tired, Not Anymore & Trust Issues are made by himself, he produced, sang & mixed the songs. Christmas Lover is made with Benjamin van Waaij.